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Choosing the Right Wardrobe Doors: A Buyer’s Guide

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Are you tired of your current wardrobe doors? Or maybe theyw are old and due for a change. Then you need to buy a new one. Let us show you some tips and designs to consider before hitting the store.

Your closet door plays a very central role in the style and tone of your home, especially in the bedroom and kitchen, so you must pay close attention when you are out to buy. The decisions you make are crucial because the right pick gives you the best wardrobe doors that will stand the test of time. 

They will also help you achieve the style and quality your home deserves. So it makes sense to weigh all aspects so that your choice will give you total satisfaction. Here are some key factors to consider. 

Door Type 

The most common wardrobe doors type in the market are the sliding and the swinging door types. The ones that are attached to a hinge are the swinging doors. In contrast, the sliding wardrobes are the type that glides horizontally along metal channels fixed on the top and bottom of the closet.

These options have their benefits, so you choose the one that’s right for you based on your available space. So before hitting the furniture store, measure your room. The sliding doors are great for use in tight areas.

While the swinging ones will be just fine if you have enough space, and they will provide you with a full view and access to your closet’s contents.


Not all wardrobes are built the same. They differ based on the finishes and raw materials used. Here are some styles that you can consider when buying yours.

  • Vinyl-covered plasterboard design: This style is prevalent in modern homes around Australia. They are made to blend with your existing wall and decorations. These designs are usually white or cream in colour and are perfect for bedroom, linen, and kitchen cupboards.
  • Sliver mirrors design: These wardrobe doors style adds an extra function to your room or space. They maximize the light in your area, especially the dressing room, by reflecting the light, making it feel like it is a lot bigger.
  • Translucent finish glass design: The translucent finish glass styles are a huge trend right now, and you can use them for most of the closets and wardrobes in your home. They are stylish and give your closet a high-end look that brightens and adds a thoughtful touch to your room.
  • Coloured glass design: These designs are perfect if you want to leave a statement and don’t want something that matches your room wall. They come in unique glass colours that make your room bright and lovely. 

Materials Used

After choosing the type and design for your wardrobe doors, the next thing to consider is the material used. Heavier wood ensures its longevity, so ensure that you go for the heavy ones. Talk with your supplier about it, and they will tell you all you need to know about the material type.

As you make your pick, ensure that your wardrobe doors create a balance between your belongings’ accessibility and your room spacing. We hope you found this guide helpful. See you next time.