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Every website in the World Wide Web is in the constant race with millions of other websites for the one thing – to feature in the highest SEO ranks. A lot of effort is put into the SEO strategy, to make sure web pages get higher visibility. And to help you get an edge over others, we have come up with something that’s definitely going to benefit you – 100% free online tools to help you boost SEO! Read on to know more!

Google PageSpeed Insights:
All you have to do is enter your URL into Google PageSpeed insights – and you will get all the details related to the speed of your site. The loading time of your webpage on various platforms is reported to you. This gives you the opportunity to work on improving your site speed and making sure speed doesn’t hamper your site’s performance. Also, Google PageSpeeds gives you tips that will help you improve your site’s speed.
The importance of keywords is quite high in the world of SEO – so here we have an online tool which simplifies your search for apt keywords. provides you with a list of keywords from which you can choose which are most relevant to you. All you got to do is enter one single keyword, and the whole list will pop right in front of you!

Plagiarism Checker and Grammar Checker:


These two tools are the best to make sure your content is rich in quality. Run your content through both these to know the authenticity and correctness of your content. Definitely handy tools!

Google Analytics:
When is the time the traffic on your site is the highest? What is the crowd category looking up to your site? What are the search terms input by visitors to your site? And a lot of such statistical data is provided to you by Google Analytics. And of course, this data is beneficial. Capitalise on the availability of this data and use it to amp up your SEO game.

SERP’s RankChecker:
After all the efforts you pump in, you sure deserve to know where you stand, right? Make sure you use SERP’s Rank checker to know your SEO rank. Depending on the results, either pat yourself on the back or start working on another strategy to boost your SEO!

SEO is an essential aspect of your online presence and efforts taken to boost SEO will never go waste. Make sure you chart out a proper strategy and use the right tools to help you get faster to the top!