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Interesting Facts About Australian Football!

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Let’s learn more about Australian Football in this article. We are going to learn some interesting facts about this game.


If you watched the Melbourne Storm NRL game on TV, you notice that coaches are always seated in the coaching box. You usually see them come out to the field only between quarters. When it comes to sports in America, it is not the case at all. There is a reason for coaches to stay in the box. They can observe the field very well from there. When they come down to the game, they find it hard to do the same thanks to the enormous size of the field. And in case if you wish to send a message to the players, you can rely on the runners to deliver it to the player. When it comes to the field, the captain is the final word. Everyone has to follow the instructions of the captain. Using the phone in the coach box, the coach can reach out to the runners and other players present on the bench. There are strict rules as far as the entry and exit of the runners are concerned. Runners are allowed right after a goal. And they must leave before the game resumes.

The amount of running

Next up, we shall learn about the amount of running involved in the game. It is a documented fact that Australia Football players are the fittest of all sports athletes. During a game, a midfielder could run 6-8 miles during each game. That is a really staggering number for sure!

The confusion with the clock

Lot of people has this doubt. They all believe that there is something with the clock. Let’s uncover the mystery behind this. Usually the game has 4 quarters with each quarter having 20 minutes length. Thanks to the clock, 20 minutes extra will be added to the clock. Umpire only knows about the extra time added to the game. That doesn’t mean that you cannot look at a real clock. Even though most fans prefer it this way, real clock is also being shown so that you have nothing to worry about.

As far as the amount of time is left, it is not shown on the field. So players are in the dark. Apparently, coaches know about the time. However, a runner can inform the players about the time left. Usually the games go till 2 hours 45 minutes. These games minimum takes 2 hours 15 minutes as per the analysis. We hope that you have got some clarity as far the clock is concerned.

Umpires do bouncing?

Well, umpires bounce the ball at the beginning of each quarter. This is an indication for them to start the play. And it is referred to as a bounce down. Ball up is an act of umpires throwing the ball up in the air when both sides struggle with possession. You need to keep in mind that ruck players are usually tall on the field. We hope that we have answered few of your queries.