Beautiful home with Sydney synthetic grass

Why Choose Sydney Synthetic Grass

Home Improvement

A beautiful lawn is a unique attribute of a traditional garden. However, it does not have to be the traditional real grass. Sydney synthetic grass is an affordable and more realistic option when compared to natural grass. 

There are many reasons why synthetic grass is a great choice. However, if you are not sure of the best choice for your landscaping, this post will help you. We will try to compare both synthetic and natural grass and based on this, you can make an informed decision. Let us get right into the details!

What is Practical for Your Space?

Before you decide on getting natural or synthetic grass or your lawn, the first thing to consider is the available space. What is the purpose of the space? Is it for your home or business? How practical will natural grass look for the space? 

Do you need a lawn area that will be suitable for running around? How much can you invest in the maintenance of the lawn area? For most of these questions, you would realize that Sydney synthetic grass is more practicable and affordable. 

How Easy is the Installation Process?

This is an important consideration when deciding on whether to choose natural grass or artificial grass. For a start, you can quickly install both of them. You may not even notice a big difference after the installation. You may decide to grow your natural grass from scratch and you can also opt to have turf rolled out on your lawn. 

With this, you can have your lawn ready immediately. However, it takes some process to get started on rolling the turf. First, you have to prepare the ground and then the turf would be rolled over. After this, you have to stay away from the lawn area for at least a week to get the turf ready. With Sydney synthetic grass, you do not have to wait that long. 

The synthetic grass can be installed quickly and you can start walking on it right away. Of course, you also need to prepare the ground and lay out the base layer, and apply the weed membrane. Once you are done with the installation, you can start using it and you do not have to water it, which means little maintenance is required.

Consider the Durability

A lawn should always look great and should be very durable. With a durable lawn, you can save a lot of money and effort. Many things can significantly affect your grass, from pests, weeds, to blazing heat, pets, and children running across it. Natural grass may not withstand the wear and tear but Sydney synthetic grass would. 

It is more durable and less vulnerable to pests, weeds, or temperature fluctuations, and neither would it be easily trampled. Synthetic grass would not be affected by drought and would be less vulnerable to things that would naturally damage natural grass.

The Cost of Maintenance

Maintenance is a critical factor when considering installing a lawn. Maintaining a lawn requires time and money but the range differs between natural and synthetic grass. Sydney synthetic grass is more durable and as such, it requires little maintenance. 

It does not experience a lot of wear and tear and it requires little effort to maintain its good look. For the cleaning part, you can quickly hose the grass and the water can drain off it easily and quickly.

Another advantage that artificial grass has over its natural counterpart is the image it projects. Synthetic grass can be installed anywhere, including the balcony, decking, or lawn but cannot install natural grass in these places. Sydney synthetic grass looks good and stays good for a long time.

In many ways, Sydney synthetic grass is a better choice than natural grass. In terms of practicality, installation process, durability, maintenance, and even the cost of installation, it is a more preferable choice for many.