Reasons You Should Look for Quality SEO Agency

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Many business owners are tempted by cheap SEO, more than you would probably expect. But in the long run, using a cheap SEO agency can have a significantly negative impact for your business.

With more competition than ever in all industries, there is an increase in business owners looking to new ways to give them an edge. Now, many businesses are turning to SEO to help give them their edge. With SEO being so time consuming and a bit technical, many look to SEO agencies.

If you are looking for an SEO company, you need to ensure you have done your research. Without doing proper research, you don’t really understand what an SEO business is offering you is in best SEO practice, or will be suitable to your business as a whole.

Unfortunately, these days there are a number of SEO agencies out there willing to offer quick results and/ or dirt cheap services. These agencies need to be avoided, as there are a number of negatives attached to them. Have a read below at some of the reasons why you should avoid companies offering cheap SEO.

Can’t Deliver Basic SEO

SEO results take time, it is a long term strategy and there aren’t many quick fixes that are available. You need to be in it for the long haul. SEO agencies that are cheap and offer quick fixes cannot provide even the most basic SEO, because these aspects are not quick in nature.

You also need to be aware that quick fix SEO tactics usually are not in SEO best practice and can result in your website receiving a penalty from Google. Your website could even end up being banned from the search engine giant (worst case scenario). So, this is certainly something you do not want to compromise on.

When you look at SEO at its core, there are two aspects – content and backlinks. These both need to be of a high quality and these both take time. If both quality and a significant amount of time are needed, then do you think a business would still offer their service for so cheap if they were going to keep up on their promise?

Poor Link Building Doesn’t Actually Do Anything

As explained above, link building is one of the key aspects of SEO. Your link building strategy needs to be well thought out and properly implemented. When it comes to link building, you need quality and relevant links with high domain authority.

Cheap SEO firms tend to use the grey areas of SEO to give you a high number of poor quality links fast. But Google is getting smarter by the day and it won’t take them too long to sniff you out.

Quality link building is more about building mutually beneficial relationships with other sites. The good thing with quality SEO agencies is that they are likely to already have a relationship with some beneficial sites for you to get started with.

Can’t Deliver Long Term Strategy

As discussed above, SEO is a long term strategy, and all cheap SEO firms are thinking about is the short term and giving you quick results, then potentially forgetting about you. The unfortunate thing is that SEO results do take quite a while, so you need to be patient.

It can be frustrating waiting so long for the results you are looking for. It is quite easy to improve your ranking from position 65 to 38, for example. But the higher up you go, the harder it gets. This is why it is a good idea to have a close relationship with your SEO firm and check in to see what they are doing for you.

The good SEO agencies will always take the time to meet with you and explain any areas of SEO you do not understand. It is also important for you to target the correct keywords.

An SEO agency may choose unrelated, but easy to rank keywords to show you the positive results, but they don’t really mean much because they aren’t the type of customers you are looking for. You may see results but they won’t be of any value what so ever.

So it is important that you take your time when choosing an SEO firm and shop around. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to understand the type of tactics they use. Remember, SEO requires a lot of effort and takes a significant amount of time, so a quality SEO agency probably wouldn’t want to offer their services for cheap.

Try to find an agency that fits in well with your business. You want a firm that is open and provides constant reporting, as well as being happy to sit down with you to explain the tactics they are using.