Businessman using date stamps on a document

Why Date Stamps Are Essential


There are various reasons why date stamps are essential and have been a part of office settings for so long. At almost any desk in many corporate environments, dates stamps are used frequently due to the efficiency of rubber stamps to postmark company imprints which showcase the official mark from company letters and related documents.

A company letter represents the written word that entices receivers to take time from their busy days to consider giving their business to various companies. In addition, companies and brands often create custom date stamps and rubber stamps to add their company logo on each letter, hence promoting the company brand further. 

Although the digital world regarding documentation is taking over, some high-profile companies and governing bodies only process essential documents which need to include an official stamp to be submitted. However, this process is more standard in Japan, as old-school devices like fax machines are still used for official communication.

Common uses for date stamps include:

  • Submitted or scanned documents
  • Receiving and posting mail
  • Manufacture and equipment verification
  • Emailed or faxed papers
  • Paying invoices or company bills

Benefits of Date Stamps

Despite the digital world taking over, companies are still required to file and date essential files, including HR documents and employee contacts, which need available paper copies on file at any to giving time.

However, dating and signing off files by hand can cause mental exhaustion for employees. Therefore, date stamps prove to be such a time-efficiency office tool and durable device when cleaned regularly.

Another significant aspect is physical labour. The alternative to using dates stamps and custom rubber stamps is handwriting the dates for each company document. A company ink date stamp, offers an instant solution and accessibility with easy-to-use date settings.

Regarding adjusting the dates, instructions can vary depending on the chosen product, but the process is pretty straightforward for standard date stamps like Trodat or Vistaprint self-inking stamps.

First, simply adjust your device within its lock position. Next, you need to notice the four wheels located inside the seals, to which each alters the day, month, and year. Once you adjust the wheels to correspond with the relevant date, proceed to unlock the frame and proceed to date your documents away.

Custom Date & Logo Stamps

Custom and logo stamps offer a range of benefits, allowing for advertisement opportunities each time a company letter, business card, or packaged products are sent out the company doors.

For small or large business owners, a company logo echoes your brand worldwide. In addition, a logo needs to be iconic and, most importantly, present on all related documentation.

Logo stamps for business branding allow receivers and potential clients to remember the company and what it offers. Whether it’s business cards, stationery, letterheads or packed material, logo stamps ensure who and what the business is on a global, national and local scale.

Custom business stamps can be used for various purposes and are available in different shapes and sizes, like light or heavy duties stamps. For example, custom-made or logo stamps can trademark company prints and certificates, depending on company needs. In addition, it’s vital to showcase a company logo to international clients and competitors for overseas posting or receiving.

Upon designing your custom stamp, various stamp manufacturers allow clients to develop their logo and styles for each rubber stamp, which would enable more creativity and also lowers service costs. Depending on size and space, you may imprint the company logo, signature or initials of the business name. You may also choose a simple version of the original company logo or full mark.